We help you record, host, publish, edit and monetize your podcast. We offer fully integrated tools for one stop solution with flexible services and pricing.

We aim to create a new type of workflow for podcasters and for this minimize the time investment in the podcasting process. We offer you more time and space to help you be innovative and fully focus on your content. Getting more resources, you will be able to easily interact with your audience and serve them well instead of being stuck into the technical process.

The best thing about Live Audio Cast is to use your full potential and favorite effects and still receive outstanding audio quality.

Spread your Podcast

Live audio cast is easy, spontaneous and convenient. As soon as your Live Audio cast spreads, you watch your audience grow.

With us you do not need additional recording software and hardware. We distribute your words over the web and also avail your audio content for download if you feel to edit your copy.

Upload your podcasts and forget about them. We will automatically add the information with every newly added Podcast, creating a flawless audio file.

Great Audio quality-

We take utmost care of the audio quality which is why your audio files are recorded in .WAV format and then encoded to MP3 files for the excellent sound quality.

Unlimited and fast hosting and bandwidth-

Your audio cast accounts include fast and unlimited hosting and bandwidth. Additionally your audio and brand is always secured with us.

Open Sharing-

Live Audio Cast allows you to say anything at any time and at any location. Additionally you get iTunes ready feeds, WordPress and Twitter integration for your ease.

Contact us to record your audio, we will make it accessible to your remote audience anywhere in the world.