Live Streaming Services

Connect with your remote audience through Live Steaming. This is a perfect option to stream workshops, conferences, panel discussions and more. So you can engage your audience anywhere you want.

Many businesses and brands need a level of video production quality that cannot be done by phone camera. It needs specialized knowledge and capabilities. With production experts, you get a team with extensive experience in online live video production an streaming in the highly demanding areas.

HD video streaming is a turnkey solution for your production requirements. Besides to standard live production components, you also receive:

  • Creative video production
  • On-Camera skills
  • Post-production key points and sizzle reels

Live streaming is offered for:

  • Awards show
  • Interactive discussions with celebrities, musicians, actors and athletes
  • Branded content
  • Sport events
  • Musical events
  • Corporate and commercial events and conferences

How it works

  • Event information is collected from service provider, a team of experts checks the possibility and creates a plan about how they will execute and the possible ROI.
  • It is ensured that your event reaches to the maximum of target audience to maximize ROI. Multiple publishing points are identified to distribute the content. A list of publishing points is also shared with client before event evaluation.
  • On the day of event live streaming, audio, video tools, internet and hardware encoder and transcoder are deployed. The content is guided through secured internet transmission to the delivery network. The video is shared across the world so any user can access the live event by connecting to the internet.

To ensure the security, IP cameras are used that are significant for several applications particularly for those events that might be active 24 x 7.
Live streaming services are used for various purposes such as virtual conferences, education, development, nature and entertainment.