Live Streaming Webcast Services

Modern marketers have to own more and more of the platforms to grab user’s attention as well as bring in innovative aspects. You are also expected to increase leads, educate consumers and come up with hard data and performance metrics. You need a solution that will work flawlessly with our marketing technology to generate leads into the system and increase score level.

  • Virtually allow more audience
  • Extend your audience level
  • Increase values from live webcasting
  • Develop your fully branded and customizable webcasting experience
  • Improve user experience with promotion, social media and interaction
  • Access powerful tool to directly interact with your audience and customers

Live streaming webcast services are accessible on any device such as smartphone, tablets, laptop- PC with any operating systems. It doesn’t need any expert skills to setup. On your browser with a single click your audience can participate in live event.
Live webcast your conferences, meetings, product launch, introduce services on digital web and also on handheld gadgets to catch attention of worldwide audience.

  • Invite endless participants to your event
  • Archive your live events on cloud serve and re-stream for on-demand use
  • Alloy your social accounts to catch the connected user notifications
  • Less efforts for extreme user reach

We offer advanced use of rich media for internet broadcasting to stream audio and video to your customers, partners, leaders, shareholders, employees or anyone irrespective of their location.
Webcasting is a powerful and economical way to communicate face to face with audience. We make your webcasts easily accessible to viewers via a browser from a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, live or on-demand. So use our live streaming web casting services to hold a press conference, launch a product or service or announce a big decision.