Live video streaming

Live video streaming is a turnkey solution for all your brand and product promotion needs.

Connect a wired camera or choose among wide range of wireless cameras, frame precise HD live switching with several multi-view screens, Stream live to any device. Get broadcast quality video for live streaming to numerous platforms.  So your users never miss any moment.

Live video streaming is popularly used by:

  • Corporate
  • Conferences
  • Workshop
  • Agencies
  • TV and Radio
  • Sports
  • Government
  • Education
  • Music

You can analyze your audience reach across multiple streaming platforms with real time data through analytics dashboard. So you can know how many people are accessing your content, their location, device type they are using to watch your media and more. So you can determine your viewership and get a clear idea of your audience and their taste.

Why live video streaming is tough

It is tough to determine audience composition and their behavior that makes implementation of live video streaming a challenge. Additionally, diversity of platforms, network access and streaming formats also make the delivery of live video streams difficult. Audience expects consistent high quality performance and availability anywhere, at any time. And it is more difficult now than ever to ensure that your stream viewing experience is enjoyable and flawless particularly during live streaming.
In case of excessively large audience base, the servers of live video streaming event may become unable to deliver the content that creates a negative effect on your image. So you need an industry leader for your live video streaming that has extensive experience in streaming media and knows the complications involved during live video streaming. With our innovative stream packages, we offer the scalability, reliability and technology you need to ensure that your audience is never disappointed.