The distribution of live or pre-recorded audio or video content to personal devices that are connected to the internet. A user who clicks a link automatically joins the live event. As the event is happening in real time, there are no fast –forward and pause features.

Live web cast is fit for high demand live presentations to large base of remote audience. Users can attend these virtual presentations from their devices by visiting a website. Interaction between an instructor and learner occurs in real time. Audience can talk by using chat window to ask questions during the session. Through web cast the look and feel of a live event is fully imitated that can also be recorded for those who missed the live event. It is a more economical method as compare to satellite broadcasting.


Benefits of live webcasting

  • TV like production value
  • Accessible on any device anywhere
  • Adaptive bit rate streaming
  • Outstanding quality and reliability
  • Revenue generation
  • Excel on Social media
  • Interactive and extensible webcast
  • On-demand streaming

Live webcasting of events is a comparatively newer tool that is having a significant effect on business of product and service providers. Presently a large count of benefits can be received by broadcasting for people to view it later again. Also those who have missed the live webcasting due to some reason can see the even through event broadcasting. The internet has made a deep impact on the modern marketplace.

Live webcasting is particularly for those people who are unable to reach at the physical location of live event and are in some kind of foreign location. To enable such audience access the live event, live webcasting is the best solution.