Launch your own multi-screen OTT video on demand platform instantly.

Our video on demand solution powers our global Dynamic Delivery Network to reliably deliver streaming content to audience across the globe, regardless of location or web traffic level. We have widespread potential to enable you to cost-effectively publish, manage, deliver and report on your streaming media activity.


Characteristics and advantages

  • Lowers origin server bandwidth requirements, capital cost and operating cost while increasing multimedia capacity
  • Eliminates the heavy lifting from your basic server enabling you to focus more on your main business without worrying for infrastructure overhead.
  • Prevents the load of system maintenance, publishing and lowers account management costs by allowing to regularly publish, manage and send content.
  • Offer high availability storage for retrieve videos
  • Full and flexible control over multimedia content throughout the publishing and delivery lifecycle
  • Accurate distribution over channels for the highest quality content and meet wide video distributor requirements
  • Detailed reports of user activity and trend analysis to help you understand the value of every multimedia content files and make more informed business decisions.

Maximize your ratings and ROI with our quick and accurate Video on demand delivery service. We produce video-on demand files from content owners and programmers live linear streams in real time and distribute these files in multiple formats to numerous online platforms. With our accurate video delivery you can boost your revenue. Speed up your content distribution everywhere and get fast turn up to maximize advertising dollars.